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Competency Level Learning

“Our E>nable e-portfolio solution allows learners to gather, store and submit evidence online for assessor/tutor review and marking which is ideal for competency type qualifications.”

A fully integrated e-portfolio solution which maps activities and criteria into the Virtual Learning Environment.”.

The e-Portfolio toolkit includes:

  • Creation of a competency-based qualification structures including unit, performance criteria and scope mapping
  • Activity-driven assessments tasks
  • Multimedia evidence formats including photographs, video and audio observation scheduling and recording
  • Assessor and Internal Verifier management
  • Virtual classroom provision for online assessment/learner reviews

The benefits of the E►nable e-Portfolio:

  • Assessors can remotely mark/assess learner submissions
  • Portfolio development can be structured to match specific learning criteria set by awarding organisations
  • Provides a route to measure and track learners at all stages of their e-Portfolio development
  • Ability to manage and schedule the verification process linked to a systemic corrective action process
  • Detailed activity progress matrix provided
  • Allows all stakeholders to manage the process

Already have an e-Portfolio solution?

  • Talk to us about the opportunity to integrate into your current e-portfolio.

“E►nable allows us to keep track and record our learners’ progress. We find it an essential tool for learning and development.”

Simone Cobb, e-learning development officer, Lincolnshire County Council


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