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      “Step forward”

      The Virtual College programme STEP (STrategic e learning Partnership) supports development of high quality e-learning modules within Further Education.

The delivery landscape is changing. The world is ready and will demand change.

e-Learning has gone mainstream and will be a key component of future blended learning delivery. What are the key drivers for change?


                  • The first digital natives are now in their 30s
                  • 1.2 billion people accessed the internet on their mobile worldwide in 2012
                  • It is already high on the FE college agenda
                  • It is sought by funders
                  • It is high on the agenda of the government and Ofsted
                  • It is expected by students
                  • It is appropriate for new frameworks
                  • It is ideal for apprenticeship programmes
                  • It is a key component of lean delivery
                  • It is efficient, cost-effective and flexible
                  • It will be a key component of UK plc recovery
                  • Easy to introduce, then test the benefits in key subjects

First Steps


Virtual College has built an e learning business across a wide range of sectors.

In partnership with sector specialists such as the NHS, and NICEIC, the electrical contracting industries independent voluntary body, Virtual College has created a huge range of online learning resources.

The sector specialist provides the subject expertise which Virtual College uses to create e-learning resources/solutions to meet a specific learning need.

In the same way, STEP aims to create partnerships with colleges and independent training providers who will select a specific course or knowledge area for development where they have particular expertise.

Virtual College will then develop online resources which can be shared with other colleges and independent training providers in the STEP network.

Step Up

Working together achieves both immediate and strategic commercial advantages:

                • Free use of the e-learning course you have helped to develop and revenue from other users of these resources
                • Reselling Virtual College’s portfolio of over 200 courses will not only generate revenue for you, it is an opportunity to dramatically increase your course portfolio and extend your catchment area
                • You will receive free access to staff training tools
                • You will be offered further discounted e learning material
                • You will receive free us of STEP network-developed training courses

Download the STEP brochure


If you would like to find out about opportunities for development partnerships, please contact us using the details below:

  • Call: 01943 885093