Work Skills

“Are you involved in providing training to support the progression of learners into work?”

Perhaps your programmes come under the heading of ‘work skills’, ‘foundation’, ‘traineeships,’ ’employability’ or ‘apprenticeships’?

We have created a suite of Work Skills courses which have been designed to give learners the skills they need to secure and sustain a job.

The video below will give you more insight into our Work Skills suite:

Appropriate to a wide range of learners and courses, these modules have been created to:

  • Support flexible delivery
  • Challenge learner assumptions
  • Standardise delivery
  • Help differentiation
  • Explain to learners why things need to be done
  • Enhance and enrich the existing curriculum

Take a look at some example content below;

Attitude and behaviours

Positive Attitudes and Behaviour

  • Understand behaviours, attitudes and attributes required for employment
  • Appreciate the different types of communication and how it can affect behaviour
  • Have an awareness of how to be effective at work
  • Writing an effective CV

    Writing an Effective CV

  • Understand the purpose of a CV and how to produce one
  • Identify the main types of information to be included on a CV
  • Identify what information should be included on a covering letter
  • Completing application forms

    Completing Application Forms

  • Know the different ways of applying for a job
  • Recognise the types of information requested in a job application form
  • Know how to prepare information for use in a job application form


    Individual courses are £15 + VAT, however we also have bulk discounts available.

    If you’re involved in helping people to prepare for work and would like to find out more about our Work Skills suite call us on 01943 885093.


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