Universities and e-learning

Following recent learning developments, universities are now starting to become more involved in their use of online learning which is becoming an accepted part of a blended delivery method.



By working closely with you, we can continue to keep you at the forefront of education and online learning. There are many ways in which we can work together, for instance:

  • Student ambassador packages (where we have helped to improve quality standards of student ambassadors)
  • Managagement practices – we can provide business related knowledge content
  • Resourses for induction and ancillary staff such as health and safety or food hygiene modules
  • Student learning – we have sector specific courses that would be of value to both staff and students.

If you have any ideas or questions, call us as, we are more than happy to talk.

Please call: 01943 885093

Email: education@virtual-college.co.uk

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