Careers Vocational Open Online Course (VOOC)

What is a VOOC®?

VOOC stands for Vocational Open Online Course and is an adaptation of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

However, whereas a MOOC is a long-term academic course, a VOOC is a targeted, bite-size vocational course. VOOCs are free at point of delivery and typically take around an hour to complete.

Here at Virtual College, we are pleased to announce that we are producing a range of Career VOOCs designed to give career seekers a ‘warts and all’ insight into potential career paths and local job opportunities.

VOOC® is a registered trademark of Virtual College.

What are the benefits of a Career VOOC?

  • Ability to address skills gaps
  • Detailed insight into the requirements of job roles
  • Ability to review a large range of career options
  • Raise awareness of what is possible
  • View available job and further education opportunities in your chosen sector

VOOC news

Career VOOCs are set to completely transform career guidance by giving young people a more thorough insight into the different sectors and the jobs within them. Through the use of a range of multimedia tools, learners will be able to find out about a typical working day in a particular role, which skills and qualifications are required, progression routes and much more.

Offering young people independent and objective information supports OFSTED requirements for career advice provision.
These career VOOCs have being designed to support both facilitated access, where a careers adviser supports learners to access and navigate the resource, as well as independent access, where learners can log on and explore opportunities in their own time and at their own pace.

Eight of the ten planned career VOOCs are now available with the further two available shortly. These cover the areas of Social Care, Child Care, Active Leisure, Accountancy, Construction, Hospitality, Hairdressing, IT, Retail and The Army.


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